Execution of approvals is stuck

hi, guys! we are stuck with transactions in defender. Sent email to support but none answers.

The following proposal is still executing though there is no transaction with such a hash:
Proposal: https://defender.openzeppelin.com/#/admin/contracts/matic-0xb1c2f36F1aBe8457855a7934E64Bf5C85FFDF6f5/proposals/051b13b1-b765-4ef6-a6b2-83cb43989014
Hash: https://polygonscan.com/tx/0x068414bb747b1e9dd0bbfbcf98f8794080804de4725b20c349e90b15999b80d8

Because of it, the proposal https://defender.openzeppelin.com/#/admin/contracts/matic-0xb1c2f36F1aBe8457855a7934E64Bf5C85FFDF6f5/proposals/c25bd593-7622-4250-b800-40fc513eca68 cannot be executed because of nonce.

Please, remove both.

Also, please remove https://defender.openzeppelin.com/#/admin/contracts/matic-0xb1c2f36F1aBe8457855a7934E64Bf5C85FFDF6f5/proposals/44098ba3-cf8a-4f21-9359-33614dd6b066
It was executed successfully but still shows as not executed.

:computer: Environment

Defender Admin

Hey @playsnook thanks for reaching out!

Sorry if your email got lost, could you send another one including your Safe address so we could try and resolve this sync issue?

Have a good day.