Manual replacement transaction not picked up

I signed a proposal to be executed by Defender with an EOA, the transaction was taking some time to execute so I decided to bump its gas fee via Metamask, hence submitted a replacement transaction on my own. The replacement transaction went through and now the proposal in Defender is stuck indefinitely in the Executing state. I understand I should probably not have messed up with Defender's transaction execution, wondering whether the proposal can be moved into Executed state somehow and what are the team's thoughts on how to handle these cases going forward.

Hi @kargakis, thanks for reaching out. Yes indeed, Defender does not still support speed ups. We will work on this eventually (hopefully soon, but I need to check with the rest of the team to be sure). In the meantime, if you paste here the proposal URL and the URL of the successful TX in Etherscan I can take care of moving it to executed as you suggest.

Hi @MartinVerzilli thanks for the prompt response!

Successful replacement tx:

Done, would you check if everything looks good on your side and let me know?

Looks good now, thanks!

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