Proposals stuck on panel after execution

Proposals get stuck in the defender panel even though the proposals have been approved and executed

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Gnosis Safe Contract

I added a new wallet to the gnosis safe, updating its threshold from 3 to 4. After approving it with 3 different wallets and executing it, the proposal was still there as it was missing 1 approval, but the transaction was already executed.

After this, I made a new proposal to update the threshold to 4 again, even though it was already set to 4, just to test if a new one would dismiss the previous proposal, but this only resulted in having 2 proposals there.


Hey @Wrong, thanks for reporting this! Is it possible that you used Metamask's speed up transaction when executing the tx via Admin? Defender does not yet support it properly, so that could have caused the issue.

Either way, in the meantime I can flag those proposals as archived, so they don't take up space on your Admin dashboard. Just send an email to from the email account you use in Defender, and we'll take care of it.

Thank you, I will send the email so you can archive it.

The transactions were not speed up, they were regular transactions so I have no idea why they got stuck there.

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@spalladino Hey, I'm having issues again with Defender, again with a stuck proposal. This time, when I try to reject it, it shows this error:


Also, I cannot even archive the proposal. It's getting annoying :sweat:

Hey @spalladino . We are having issues also with a proposal stuck on OZ Defender. For 2 hrs approximately the proposal was stuck. We decided to cancel the Tx with the MetaMask cancel feature. However we are not able to execute new proposals because it says prior ones are still "in process" or "pending".

We've just sent you guys an email to I'm reposting it here in case other users are also experiencing the same issue.

What should we do in this scenario? Should we just archive the "executing" stuck proposal?

Thanks for your help!

My bad. This fixes just interacting directly with the GnosisSafe web.

Just connect your wallet, and retry execution.