Transaction which was sped up appears unconfirmed in the Defender

Approval and executing proposal through multisig wallet.

:computer: Environment

Defender admin


We tried to execute a proposal through multisig account, we was stuck for several minutes with pending transaction in metamask. Then we increased the gas to speed up and transaction was successfully completed. The Defender still thinks the proposal is uncofirmed.

:1234: Code to reproduce

Hey @playsnook! Indeed, Admin does not support speeding-up txs at the moment. Do you mind sharing the transaction hash that went through, as well as the proposal ID (you can just copy-paste the URL to it), so we can look into it and manually fix it in the DB if needed? Feel free to send this info to if you prefer not to disclose it here.


the confirmed transaction is
and proposal id is

Thanks for the response!

@playsnook done. Can you check if everything looks ok on your end?

Yes, thank you!

I understand we should completely avoid speeding up transactions when working with admin?

For the moment, yes. Apologies for the inconvenience!

There was an internal RPC error on Defender UI:

and then nonce increased from 39 to 41.

Nonce 41:

Nonce 39: