Defender for Moonbeam (Moonriver) network


I just want to ask, will defender add support for Moonriver network?
The Moonriver is Ethereum compatible Chain on Polkadot.

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Hey @ahmetson! Correct me if I'm wrong, but I understand that Moonriver is an experimental network, where changes are tested before being ported to Moonbase. If that's the case, we probably won't be adding support for it, since canary networks change frequently (by design) which can cause multiple issues when integrating with Defender. That said, we do support Moonbase, so you can use that network for your smart contracts on Polkadot with Defender!

Thanks. Let me confirm with Moonriver Tech Support too.

@spalladino First, really apreaciate all the great products from OZ and your contributions.

However, you underestimate the role and importance of Moonriver by a large amount :wink:
In contrast to Ethreum where all testnets hold only worthless token, Polkadot has an "early adopter" L0 blockchain equivalent "Kusama" where not only the technology can be tested but also crypto economic incentives and effects.
The native token $KSM on Kusama is in the range of $3B.
Moonriver was the 2nd place winner of a parachain slot on top of Kusama, with a market cap of ~ $0.5B
These projects are here to stay as this is the place where the innovation, early development and deployment happens ! ... many project will only deploy later on Polkadot when everything is mature.
So, I would find Moonriver support highly important as well !

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Thanks for the info, @sven.meyer! I wasn't aware this was the case for Kusama and Moonriver. We'll add this to our roadmap.

@spalladino That's great ! :+1: :smiley: