ValueError: insufficient funds for gas * price + value <> Rinkeby - BROWNIE

Im trying to deploy my first smart contract and i cant get over any funds from the this normal?

And I cant get $LINK either, which is weird

Thanks so much

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Make a tweet on twitter or a post on fb with your ethereum address and paste the URL of our tweet / post in the box.

The problem is that the faucets are not working. I've been trying in vain for days to get Rinkeby ETH.
@STYJ seems to have a problem. No one is getting anything from there :frowning: The only faucet I can get to work right now is, but it's limited to 0.001 ETH per day it seems.

We must instead now rely on our dev community to donate... so if any Rinkeby whales are reading this, please make a wave and spread the cheer.

Accepting donations at: 0x28a4fE81770dDF2aE36F041713C4268a5F36460B

@flakibaby : post yours so that any kind souls may also spread you some.



ah okay, I'll send you some. lmk your address too @flakibaby

I sincerely appreciate it. Cheers! :bowing_man:

can u send some to me !!
i have same question with author....




It seems like the faucet has funds but it is not dispensing them correctly. If you are unable to get rinkeby eth, try another network. Alternatively, you can also fork mainnet using hardhat to "test" directly on mainnet.

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I couldn't get fund my account via the Rinkeby Faucet even tweeted post for test eth request

Getting an "insufficient funds for gas * price + value" error persists.

Please send some test eth to the test account on the Rinkeby Test Net:


Whatever quantity is sufficient to move forward with the course.

Thank you!

I think problem solved no need a fund for now


I'm having the same issue with the Rinkerby faucet - Could I please request a few eth for testing? I require at least 1 eth to achieve my objectives, but preferably 2, so I have some room for mistakes.

Here is the wallet address 0xc4842DCE89e288421De1488aFf2B63855a8394B1

Same... 0x045300C432d8AC4C34632A511dcD4c9445A5db7d

If anyone was going to send some above, I'd appreciate a couple ETH too for testing. THANK YOU!! Or I hope they fix the faucet :frowning_face:

Guys I would also appreciate some test ether can you please send some across to 0xBC8a1Fe57d413151771003dd1EFb41758c67ace2

Guys i would like some test ether, anyone to donate please:
Thank you

Hi All, I've also got problems with site. Can someone send some ether please?

Hi there. Newbie here. Would appreciate some test eth too. Tried the Rinkby faucet. Got the error.


Hi, please, could someone send me few ethers to


faucet still returns errors.:confused:


Hi, same problem please some ethers for me, :pray:
Thank you

help !!! anybody can give me some ETH, i really need it this time for work:

on RINKEBY net

I would be very grateful for some test funds for development purposes :wink:

I would be very grateful for some test funds for development purposes, the faucet is still not working, need to move ahead with the udemy course. Please donate whatever is required for the course. Thank You!