Defender Relay for Optimism network


I just want to ask, will defender relay add support for optimism network? If yes, what approximate date?

Hey @nailkhaf, we're working on support for both Optimism and Arbitrum across Defender. We are aiming at shipping it around end of August or early September. Stay tuned!

It's great, thank you

Hello @spalladino just following up do you have a timeline on when defender will support Arbitrum?


Hey @jtsetse! The integration got delayed (as you can see), and we've decided to ship Arbitrum only to begin with. We have just finished all our testing, and will be pushing this to production next week. All features are working fine, except for Gnosis Safe support which still requires more testing from the Gnosis team.

Hey @jtsetse! Arbitrum is available on Defender now.

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Hey @spalladino !

Just wanted to know if there are any plans to support Optimism soon, or if I should come up with a plan B.

As a side note, amazing work! Love the product :heart:

Hey @NChamo! We're not actively working on it at the moment, but we'll keep you posted as soon as we go back to it!