OpenZeppelin Defender - Feature requests [Q1 2022]

Please use this thread to share the contracts or utilities that you'd most like to see added to OpenZeppelin Defender.

Share one idea per answer and use the like button to vote for other suggestions!

GitHub OAuth options for Autotask

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Add Custom Network

I'm a big fan of Defender and want to use it in all of my Dapp projects. However, currently, Defender only supports a few EVM chains. If there is an option that allows the developer to add a custom blockchain (EVM chain, of course), that would be great!

P.S. I'm also wondering where to apply to add an EVM chain to Defender? I check out the doc, but there is no port to contact the Openzeppelin team.

Hi @fancy, this is the right place to suggest support for other EVMs. Do you have any particular one in mind?

Yes. I'm currently developing a Dapp on Shyft Network which is also an EVM.

Here are some basic chain parameters:

- Network Name: Shyft Mainnet
- New RPC URL:
- Chain ID: 7341
- Currency Symbol: SHFT
- Explorer:

I can donate some tokens if you need to test on it or integrate into Defender.

Thanks @fancy, we're analyzing Shyft and considering to support it. Stay tuned!

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