Permissioned network

I would like to use the OpenZeppelin Defender platform in my permissioned network. What can I do to be able to do it?

Hey @gabrielfcomp, we don't support that yet, but we've been receiving multiple requests for this, so it's something we'll definitely consider adding to Defender. Could you share what are you using for running your permissioned network, to make sure it's something that can be compatible with Defender?

Hi, @spalladino, Thank you for answer me.
We are creating our permissioned network using Hyperledger Besu, the network is completely compatible with Ethereum, we are even running public network software on it, such as Metamask, Truffle and, more recently, TheGraph. Since you don't support permissioned network yet, I would like to know if the Defender platform is an open source code to use (at least the Admin part). If it is not possible, we will use only the multisig part.

Thanks for sharing that, Gabriel. Unfortunately, Defender is not open source, but we'll do our best to accommodate for custom networks soon.

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