Skale network

Is there a plan to integrate defender with skale networks?

Not at the moment, but we can look into it if you’re interested!

To make sure I understand: SKALE offers not an L2, but rather a “create-your-own-L2” solution, so we should expect to be multiple SKALE-powered networks out there, right? And they are fully EVM compatible?

Yes, they provide a kind of private cloud blockchain that is connected to ethereum and fully ethereum compatible.

Got it. We are not supporting connections to private or custom chains yet, but that’s something that we are considering for the future!

OK, thanks.

According to Skale in discord: “From technical perspective we are ready for integration because SKALE chains are compatible with ethereum ones. It’s mostly a question about adding our endpoints to their UI. The same way as they did with different ethereum testnets.”

So it sounds like it would be a fairly trivial add for you if you find some time!

Thanks for sharing that, @soundsfun! Agree that Defender is compatible with Skale, the challenge however is having per-team networks work with the backend services we need for running Relayers and Sentinels. But it’s something that we certainly want to enable!

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SKALE’s actually open source and public, we work work alongside Ethereum as a multichain network that allows any dapp to get their own dapp specific SKALE chain, thereby getting a gasless solution that scales ethereum. Yes, EVM compatible, mainnet live for 6 months, etc. for more info: an older article before we went mainnet.

Understood @Marcoshash256! I was referring to custom or private chains, didn’t mean to imply that SKALE was private. The issue is that each new SKALE network requires a new definition, that needs to be set by the user, which is something we don’t yet support.

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