🧹 Cleaning up relayer search


This topic is for adding a small UI/UX improvement within the platform.

:computer: Environment

  • Defender website

:memo:Use case

Even though I only have two relayers right now in my Relayers section in the Defender website. Whenever I try to use a search I obtain all the relayers, included those that I already removed:

:white_check_mark: Expected result

Only those relayers/contracts that are not removed should be displayed in the search address component

Best regards,
Pedro Reyes.

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Hey @Pedro_Reyes

I've taken a look and the reason behind this is that the Relayer deletion is separated from the Address Book, which is preserved after relayer deletion.

I think this is good feedback but I'm not exactly sure how to move forward with this.
One way of thinking about this problem is keeping the known information about an address so we don't lose information in other contexts (let's say you want to review a proposal and the name is gone because it was executed by a relayer you deleted).

I'll open a discussion with the team and see if anyone has any input on this before sending a PR.

Happy to hear your thoughts.

Hey again @Pedro,

I sent a PR allowing you to delete the relayer address entry when you remove a relayer

Captura de Pantalla 2022-11-10 a la(s) 11.53.42

Although I understand this is not a complete fix for the UX improvement you're suggesting, it's the least disrupting we found. However, if we receive more feedback about this, we can consider scaling it.

Consider it's not the default behavior and if you're interacting via API you should delete the address book entry in a different request if you delete a relayer via API.

It'll be out on our next week's release.


Hello @ernestognw ,

Yup, I agree with you, let's do changes step by step, maybe with this might be enough.

The only problem of this one is that if the user does not click in the checkbox, the address will remain there forever. To fix this, it would be great to add in this pop up a message addressing the user to check the menu https://defender.openzeppelin.com/#/address-book in case they want to remove the address later on.

This way we will remind the users about the management possibilities they have when clicking on the menu button:


Due to the bigger size of the menu in the left, this left-menu takes all the focus away from the right-menu which is much much more smaller. A reminder like this one will help users to be aware of this right-menu.

Best regards,
Pedro Reyes.

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if the user does not click in the checkbox, the address will remain there forever.

That's correct, but also, I found some issues around permissions when I implemented this checkbox.
The thing is, if you're admin of your Defender account, this is pretty simple since you have access to every resource, however, there might be users with limited access to Defender, and taking care of the permissions in each delete modal might be a headache.

I think a more viable long term solution would be to make the Address Book more accessible.
As I said in this topic, I'll circle this feedback with the team and see what thoughts they have, so we can provide a better solution.


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