Feature Request / Issue: Address suggestions could be improved

Hey Guys,

I noticed some odd behaviour on the Defender. Maybe its just me experiencing it but I thought I would raise it to you.
When I create a new proposal and want to enter an address (lets say I want to grant a role and need to select an address to grant this new role to) then I get a bunch of suggestions.
These suggestions include:

  • contracts from other networks (which does not really make sense for me as this would not work, right?)
  • contracts that were deployed and added to Defender before but have been removed (in my opinion contracts which were removed from Defender should not be suggested anymore).

Please could you comment on this? Is this a feature? Or an issue? :slight_smile:

Thanks and all the best

Hi @denyo1986, thanks for the feedback! You shouldn't be getting suggestions from different networks, so I'd say that's definitely an issue.

As regards your second point, that might be a bit more open for debate. If we decided to build in that behavior, we'd have to keep track of the fact that that address is in the address book because you added it as a contract in the first place (vs, for example, you having added it as an alias manually). We'll keep this in mind for future adjustments to this feature though!


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Hi Martin,

thanks for the feedback.
Maybe when removing a contract you can add a question/option "also remove from address book"? And then suggestions will only be from address book.
Does that make sense?