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This topic is just for proposing a UI/UX improvement or simply checking whether this already exist.

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Everytime we create a new notification we start accumulating them. They don't get removed when they are not used in any Sentinel. The most "intuitive" approach to this is that if there is no notification panel, at least the notifications set up should disappear when they are not used anywhere.

The other option is to leave up to the user the removal of notifications within the Sentinel panel, like this:

Best regards,
Pedro Reyes

Hey again @Pedro_Reyes!

Thanks for your feedback. This is already possible to do via Notification Channels in your Defender menu.

However, I understand this is no really the best UX experience so we might add a link to the Notifications view, and I think that's an easy way to let the user figure out by himself.

I'll send a PR with a small link to it, but let me know your thoughts, I know this is subjective and may be improved based on feedback like this :slight_smile:

Hello @ernestognw ,

Let's do that what you suggest. I think the big problem here is that the right-menu is almost invisible due to its small size and the bigger size of the left-menu

You don't think there are such an important management features in that small button when you have a big left-menu which is the first thing you see when working with Defender.

This link you suggest will help to remind the existance of this right-menu to users. Maybe with that it will be enough for a better UI/UX.

Best regards,
Pedro Reyes.
PD: A pleasure to be of help! :blush::v:

Hello @ernestognw ,

In the notifications and the address book section. Could we add to the tables checkbox to select and remove more than row at the same time?

Right now you can only remove one by one. If you have many relayers which might happen drastically fast, this will be a handy feature.

What do you think?

Best reagrds,
Pedro Reyes.

Hey @Pedro_Reyes

I sent a PR with the improvement I mentioned before

Regarding the amount of elements on the left menu, I think that's a big business decision that's out of my hands, since we're actually aiming for those elements to be the stars of the show (they're the main Defender components), so although the elements on the left menu are hidden, I don't think they should be on the left menu.

I'll circle this with the team anyway, so we have a record this was suggested.
If you have any idea of how to make the right menu more visible without conflicting with the left menu, it'd be appreciated as always.

Could we add to the tables checkbox to select and remove more than row at the same time?

Regarding this, I agree with you and that's something I've been thinking about for a while. However, the backend is not prepared for that and it's not that easy of a change, but again, we'll keep note of this and see if it's addressable in the near future :slight_smile:

Thanks for your feedback as always!

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