How can you clear old contracts from the drop down list?

I have been testing a dapp I have been working on via OpenZeppelin Defender. Having deployed new versions of the same contract, I have removed the old versions from the Defender Admin interface by selecting the gear icon and clicking "remove from defender". However, the names and addresses persist in the drop down menus when I go to create a new proposal.

It is becoming a big mess, and I am very concerned about selecting the wrong contract while trying to do something important. How do I clear old contracts from the dropdown list? I know this is a bit of a silly question, but I have looked and searched all over and cannot find how to do this.

:computer: Environment
OpenZeppelin Defender web interface, Google Chrome

Hey @PeterFrampton71, thanks for reaching out.

Defender provides a service we call Address Book, which is just a user-friendly list of all your addresses. It's automatically fed whenever you add a contract or interact with something which we can infer the name of.

In case you need to remove addresses from your Address Book, so they are stop showing up in the dropdown lists, you can do it in this place

Let me know if it helps