Can't interact with token / buy, sell or remove liquidity on Pancakeswap

using pancakeswap forked a BEP20 token and traded it with some friends for a few days then all the sudden it stopped letting us interact with it.

Token = 0xb64B6a804c07699535641c89B03BDe89cFc5A3CD

LP token = 0x878C5832A08BEb7A7A557978E49C5aaBC87d19e5


Hi @jing,

I am sorry I can’t help you with this. You may want to try a pancakeswap or a Binance community for help.

same problem here. It’s very hard to get support. They only want fees and no help.

I have the same problem !!
I added tokens + liquidity, but I can’t buy it and I don’t know why

I tried to remove the liquidity but the CONFIRM button does not work.

Liquidity came in, but it doesn’t come out.

I do not know the reason.

As the friend said, they only want fees but they don’t support it. Telegram groups have no ADM, only scam.

There is no support from them. Totally inaccessible.

I am also facing same issue have you found a way to resolved, I have read some where you can try to remove on trust wallet but in my case problem is i have create on metamask account 2. its mean i have can only import this account in trustwallet with private key with ethereum network. i don’t know how to convert wallet network in BSC in trustwallet. :roll_eyes:

on the write contract page go to setswapliquidty write FALSE then click right , confirm in wallet and you’ll be able to withdraw all liquidity

I will be able to withdraw liquidity
Email me on Telegram: @ Aleksandr9817