Can not remove liquidity from my token on pancakeswap/ even simple transfer from wallet to wallet is not possible.

//Coin name
Beef Curtains Coin
//Contract address

All started as a joke ,lets make meme coin which makes expression as -WTF?
Of course we didn't succeeded on pinksale presale , because we got no idea how to do marketing, youtube and all other bs . + honestly we are poor AF and we work 9-5 (carpenter and security guy).
At the end we put our own liquidity on pancakeswap hoping for miracle.
Our luck is so huge that we are not able to remove liquidity or even send coin from wallet to wallet,
Here is some things which I tried already.

//BEP-20 Token Transfer Error (Unable to locate corresponding Transfer Event Logs)

@ I solved it adjusting the Gas Limit . - I tried and nothing happens!
@ If the amount you want to send has a large number of significant digits like 123.13284983476973264 you will see this error, what you can do is remove a few of the last digits, i.e. send 123.13284

  • I tried and nothing happens!
    @ Higher gas fee - I tried and nothing happens!

// Change your browser (metamask wallet)
@ Chrome / Mozilla / Brave - I tried and nothing happens!

// Insufficient liquidity for this trade.
@ well we have liquidity on this pancakeswap address and before it was possible to trade

// swapAndLiquifyEnabled
@ in order to remove liquidity you must change it to false - In our contract through creators wallet on bsc scan ....we don't have this option

//the token I launched had a max transaction in the code of 1%.... So I could only remove (have a max transaction) of 1%!!
@ tried all percents 1,2,3,4,5, till 100 - I tried and nothing happens!

// reclaimed ownership - nope ,I have creators wallett

If you are programmer or have Idea how to help please share some info.

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