I can't remove the LP from pancakeswap (22 BNB)

Hi guys, i'm trying to help my friend to remove the liquidity of his project but i can't

I have tried clicking "receive WBNB instead". No effect.
I have tried setting liquidity slippage to 49% before removing. No effect.
I have tried setting swapAndLiquidity to false. No effect.
I have tried removing a small amount of liquidity. No effect.
I have tried mint tokens from dead wallet to sell in pancakeswap/poocoin, i can't.

I have the wallet imported with all the permissions to manipulate the functions, i mean the ownership is not renounced

The Contract Address is 0xb982a72971ee7450b5bce5a6abefb92809b63dc8
Please I would appreciate your help

Did you add a timelock.

For how many time? Where you saw it?
Can you be more specific please?

Send me the address of your pancake lp token contract

Hi Bro, I'm coming the same problem, and I saw that you was able to remove the LP. Can you help me with the problem. Many thanks

I believe that can fix this for you. Please get in contact. Tg @srdev5