[URGENT][PAID]Need a contract that lets ERC721 Holders stake their NFT and be rewarded with an ERC20 Token every 24h

My project needs a developer that can build on top of a standard Contract that creates ERC721, a Contract that lets holders of NFTs (created by the 1st Contract), stake their NFTs and earn rewards on those staked NFTs every 24h (when staked). The owners should then claim those ERC20 whenever they want (they pay the gas).
The project is on Polygon.
We are willing to pay good money.

Hey Frostii,

Sounds pretty straightforward. Glad to hear you're building on Polygon!

What's the turnaround time you're looking for on this project?

I developed same thing in BSC, and assure you to the same in Polygon.

We would like to get this done in 7 days or less if possible.

Please check your dm.

are you available for other dividend projects? email me britjcruise@gmail.com

Hey man, i need exactly that for a deployed BEP721.

Can we talk?

connect the discuss on telegram: https://t.me/hreela

Recently did something close to that. If any of you are still looking you can DM me :slight_smile:

I am also looking for someone to do this on polygon urgently

Hi! I sent you a dm on Telegram :purple_heart:

Are you able to email me at Anmlland.nft@gmail.com looking for something similar.

Hey Swezey, can you email me at anmlland.nft@gmail.com

We are looking for a smart contract developer.


Would love to have you email your example of what you did for this to anmlland.nft@gmail.com