DEV. wanted ASAP!

Hi all! I am looking for a professional developer who can create a smart deflationary (BEP20) contract. It is mostly all about a 9% percent that is applied and divided as follows:
5% LP,
2% holders,
2% burned,
but which has implemented 1 more function (if possible);
That 9% fee and burning function must stop when the entire supply drops to 1B tokens in circulation.
I am willing to pay accordingly.

additional requirements:
*The compiler version must not be 0.6.12
*No mint function.
*No vulnerability issue.
As I mentioned, I am willing to pay appropriately for quality.

Let me know on telegram @JustOneShoot

Hi I can help you. Pm me on telegram @FreezyExchange

Is there a specific reason for that?

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Hello @ZuZu

I have shared you an email, please check.