NFT Staking Project - ERC721 Staking for ERC20 Rewards

Hello there,

We currently have 2 aspects to our ecosystem that we need connected and looking for a developer who can write a smart contract to stake our NFTs so that people can have a share of the pool rewards of our ERC 20 Token for staked NFTs.

We want the pool to be awarded to staked NFTs so that when they go to list them on the market the pool rewards will increase.

Also looking for somebody who can time our minting and distribution to go to our pool thanks.

Looking for somebody who can help us with this, and help with future projects on a continual basis.

Please reply with examples if you have done such a project. Thanks.

ping me telegram @PeterRoyHere

I am a smart contract developer and am very familiar with ERC20, ERC721 and ERC1155.
Let's discuss in more detail via telegram.
my telegram id is: @skyhdev


Feel free to reach out if you are still in need of a developer for this ecosystem upgrade. I've done a similar project recently. you can get ahold of me here or on discord @2_4_coin

Hit me up on telegram @blackluv10 I need to understand more of what you need