BEP20 Smart Contract Developer

I am looking for a solidity SC developer with experience reward/dividend distribution. Kindly get back to me. I have some work. Thanks

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Hi JJ_Wien, I have experience in Solidity and in what you asked. I would be glad to discuss your needs.

Please send me an email to to begin talking, thanks.

Hi, iam solidity developer and i have experience bep20 reflection token algoritms

Email :

Hello, I am a Smart contract developer and I am very familiar with Solidity.
I would like to discuss with you in more detail.
My telegram id is @skyhdev

Hi JJ_Wien,

I've developed and deployed several contracts with this structure and could have you guys up and running in no time at a very competitive cost. I've got some BSC testnet projects launched to serve as proof of work for you to review and verify the reward/dividend function. Just let me know and I can send test tokens to your wallet address for your consideration.