Timelock - "invalid sender. can't start a transaction from a non-account"

I'm using the following setup EOA -> Timelock -> Governance contract

The Timelock has the EOA with the PROPOSER_ROLE and I set the EXECUTOR_ROLE to address(0) such that any wallets can trigger the execution.
I have a scheduled proposal that's ready to be executed but anytime I'm clicking on "Execute", it FAILS and displays on the screen:
"Transaction would revert. Check that permissions, balances, and other function requirements are valid for the transaction you want to run"

Looking at the console, it displays the following RPC error "invalid sender. can't start a transaction from a non-account".

:computer: Environment
I'm using "Proposal -> Admin Action" on the "Governance contract" with an "EOA -> Timelock -> Governance contract" setup


:1234: Code to reproduce

Hi, anyone from Openzeppelin can help/assist here?

Hi @fabrice-quadrata

Thank you for getting in touch.

That particular error seems to originate from the RPC provider connected to your wallet. Would you mind sharing the details of your Timelock and EOA with the proposer role, alternatively, you can send these to our support email: defender-support@openzeppelin.com

Hi @nami ,

Thank you for getting back to me.

Here's detail of our timelock + EOA.

Timelock: 0x1DCAD2C302b3340b66Ed024F8EbBC351521EB362
EOA: 0x1f0B49e4871e2f7aaB069d78a8Fa31687b1eA91B
Governance Contract: 0xE49A00fa96A5F316E0C55658823D06ce14b6069d

Adding a screenshot of the flow (P.S: I've done that operation many times on different other blockchain network)

Let me know if you need anything else.

Hi @nami ,

Any suggestions?

Hi @fabrice-quadrata

I was able to verify the EOA is indeed a proposer on the Timelock. However, given both contracts are not verified it's not easy to determine the exact cause. I believe the issue lies with a require that's failing in one of the contracts (timelock or governor). It might be worth checking with the contracts team on the forum.

FWIW, I believe this is an issue with zkSync, not of the contracts themselves.

I confirmed being able to execute the Timelock direclty via Remix.