Syncing proposals from Gnosis safe

Hi there. I'm currently experiencing a very similar situation like Defender - Gnosis Safe Sync? does. However, in it mentions that " When using a Gnosis Safe, Defender Admin will synchronize all signatures to and from the Safe Transaction Service. This way, any admins on your team using the Safe UI will still be able to sign the Defender Admin proposals." Does it means that the proposal can be synced in both directions, or still only syncing from Defender to Gnosis-safe?

Thanks for helping.

Hi @hihiben, as explained in that post, every proposal created in Defender will appear in the Gnosis Safe UI, and even if some signers sign through the Gnosis Safe UI Defender will synchronize those signatures. However, Gnosis Safe transactions created in the Gnosis Safe UI will not be tracked by Defender.

That is in part due to the fact that Defender proposals have more metadata and associated features than simply wrapping a Gnosis Safe transaction.

In the future, for usability reasons, we might add the ability to see all Gnosis Safe transactions from Defender even when there are no associated proposals, but we currently don't have it in our roadmap.

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Got it. Thanks for your prompt reply!