Proposals are stuck, lots of console errors

I open a Gnosis Safe contract that was created in OZD.

The "state" of all proposals are "LOADING..." and never change.

The console log shows three types of errors:

Error querying Safe execution logs: processing response error (body="{\"error\":{\"message\":\"Blockheight too far in the past: eth_getLogs. Range of blocks allowed for your plan: 1000\",\"code\":-32005},\"jsonrpc\":\"2.0\",\"id\":10499}", error={"code":-32005,"name":"UnknownError"}, requestBody="{\"method\":\"eth_getLogs\",\"params\":[{\"fromBlock\":\"0x25aae83\",\"toBlock\":\"0x25ad592\",\"address\":\"<redacted>\",\"topics\":[\"<redacted>\"]}],\"id\":10499,\"jsonrpc\":\"2.0\"}", requestMethod="POST", url="", code=SERVER_ERROR, version=web/5.7.1)
vendors.2613c54938ef65a8aaea.js:8     POST 400
Error synchronizing proposal txs to Defender backend Error: data/targetFunction/name should be string

There is also an active proposal with 2/2 approvals, but not executed. Clicking on the proposal just spins with "Loading proposal data...". There are no console errors and no network requests.

:computer: Environment

I'm logged into OZD on a Mac using Brave Browser: Version 1.57.47 Chromium: 116.0.5845.96 (Official Build) (arm64) with Brave Shields turned off (to eliminate that as a problem)

Hi @chris-verida I'm sorry you're experiencing these issues. To better assist you, could you please provide me with the full stack trace of the console log errors, along with your tenantId, and a link to the gnosis safe contract in defender? Thanks!

I have recorded this loom video:

Here's the contract:

TenantID: 90696554-674e-463c-801c-de7c5cc2c9a0

Thank you for providing us with that additional information. The Loom video makes the issue very clear. We will investigate and try to resolve this as soon as possible!

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Hi jipster, do you have any update on this?

Hi @chris-verida we wanted to reach out and see if this continues to be an issue for you. We've pushed fixes for similar issues since and wanted to know if they also fixed your issue as well.