SwapTokensAtAmount not selling at threshold instead sets a 92% sell tax at reaching this point

Hello there so I'm kinda stuck having made a babytoken contract through pinksale and reached the treshhold of 10M in tokens through taxs ive noticed the contract address it's self has been storing those tokens but after reaching the said 10m has not sold and distributed anyone the USDT I intended it to, neither has it added bk the 3% back to the liquidity pool or marketing wallet, its seems to get there then increase sell tax to 92% I have to then increase the SwapTokensAtAmount option so holders can sell, apparently I need to approve the contract and distributor in USDT contract any chance you could take a look please or advise me on how to do this please my freinds. :heart:

Appreciate any help right about now and will happily pay someone to help me resolve this issue my telegrams @FFOXEE and emails nomessin88@gmail.com :exploding_head: