BSC contract needed

Hi Devs,

I am in need of a smart contract on the BSC network.

I would need the following included in the contract:

  • 1% tax on all buy and sell transactions (so 1% of the token and 1% of the BNB goes into another wallet) and I should be able to update it (if the token is 2%, BNB is 2%, etc.).

  • transfer tax should be 0%

  • Wallets should be able to be whitelisted from buy/sell tax

  • Burn function

  • TransferanyErc20 token function (when people sent other tokens to the contract by mistake so I can send them back)

  • and all the standard functions to be able to have a presale on DxSale and LP on Pancakeswap.

Please contact me on my telegram if you can do it with proof of work and your price.

Thank you in advance.

TG: thebaker123

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Hope you are doing well.

I would like to assist you with your requirement, please reach me on my email to discuss further.

seth (at) cisinlabs (dot) com



Hello, tray is a known scammer, and i have no idea about the other guy. If you're still looking to get this done you can send me a DM. Just know that you can get a part of the BNB from the swap as a tax on your token, the closest thing from your request that's doable is to take a 2% tax on your token and swap half of it for BNB so you'd get half BNB and half token