Optimisation for DividendPayingToken Contracts - 1x Sale for multiple fees

Has anyone had any luck with this? Having the total tax taken in one sell order instead of 4?

Starts at swapTokensatAmount initiated by sale.

Hey @Kofro
you simply have to do some math. I don't know which fees you hav can you provide us more info?

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Thanks for the reply @FreezyEx

Fee breakdown below

4% BNBRewards
2% LP
3% marketing
1% Buy Back?

10% Total Tax

6%(?) reflections in native token 
0% LP
4% Marketing
2% Buy Back

12% Total Tax

To mitigate the contract spending a fortune on gas fees and dumping on the chart I have two theories that I cannot figure out the maths or how.

The first is to reduce the sell to 1x Transaction and increase the bar for swapTokensatAmount.

The second is to take the BNB from the swap itself so the contract never has to sell, this is the most preferable outcome but I don't know if this is possible on pcs v2.

Any input and feedback would be extremely helpful!
Thank you.