Token transfer rejected

Hi there skygge, you seems very experienced , plz can you dm me in tg @humpyofficer

Thank you very much . <3

Actually, all talk should be public.

for sure mate, just i need help with transfer rejected when i enable tax. so it's a long story :smiley: to type it in here;) i see you are good to explain so would love the help from you<3

ok i will try it here then,

We created a contract from

the thing is, when i enable tax, we get transfer rejected for sellers.

buy still work.

so we have to put tax at 0 now, so people can trade, but we can't survive in the long run with buy and sell tax 0 :wink: so we need help with how to fix this weird thing!

and i don't want to enable tax now.
then people can't sell only buy.

would like your opinion on this?

do i need to fix any allowance or transferFrom to fix this? or anywhere i can put slippage lower? in bsc scan?

So you mean, if the owner calls the function enableTax(), and then users can buy this token, but they can not sell this token on the pancake, right?


so now, it's no tax on the token. so people able to trade buy and sell