SwapTokensAtAmount not working instead i get a 92% sell tax for holders

Hello there so I'm kinda stuck having made a babytoken contract and reached the treshhold of 10M in tokens through taxs ive noticed the contract address it's self has been storing those tokens but after reaching the said 10m doea not sell and distribute anyone the USDT I intended it to, neither has it added bk the 3% back to the liquidity pool or marketing wallet, its seems to get there then increase sell tax to 92% I have to then increase the SwapTokensAtAmount option so holders can sell, apparently I need to approve the contract and distributor in USDT contract any chance you could take a look please or advise me on how to do this my freinds :exploding_head:

Appreciate any help right about now and will happily pay someone to resolve this issue :rofl:

Hello Richard
Here is Milo Point from Canada.
This is kind of private thing for you so can we talk via Telegram?
Contact @cryptodev1990.

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Dear, @Richard_E
I have checked your issue and I think I can help you.
Hope discuss via Telegram.

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I don't have the time to look at it in details to see what's going wrong. However a quick look at the transactions and i can see that the transfer transactions are running out of gas and reverting. This is probably the part that does the swapping of the token.

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Legend thank you for the reply is this the gas for processing option if so have you any idea on what i should set it to, thanks again

Appreciate you responding thank you have you any idea how to set that and what id have to set it to :blush:

I'm not sure which function call is throwing the gas error as i can only see the hex value and would have to encode all functions to see which one is matching. It seems to be one of the dividentracker calls.
The contract does have a mechanisme for updating using different gas amounts for some of the functions. So you could just try and set the gas usage to 500000 by calling updateGasForProcessing with that amount, which is the max value it will allow and see if that will work.

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Thank you again for the response having upped the gas for processing to 500000 and lowered the SwapTokensAtAmount to test it, i get this 89% sell tax pop up not sure why i cant then sell, ive tried on contract makers address im able to sell there but does not activate the SwapTokensAtAmount, hoping once i reach threshold again it might then sell, how would my contracts address storing these tokens then add those back into my liquiditypool/marketing wallet atm they have become redundant. Im constantly having to up the threshold :sweat_smile: