Standard Smart Contract for a DAO?

Apparently it's the year of the DAO. Multiple different DAOs and DAO Frameworks are being created and evolved.

If we're not careful, we're going to end up in a mess. Perhaps that's OK. But also perhaps that's not OK.

So... my question is...

if Zeppelin had a standard smart contract for a DAO, what would be the first thing it would have in it?

I'm not asking for a definition of the full spec, just for the one thing that all DAOs have in common, which would definitely be included in a standard "root" smart contract for a DAO?


Hi @chrishobcroft welcome to the community :wave: Thanks for creating this discussion.

A DAO in my mind at it’s simplest is participants voting on proposed actions. At it’s simplest this could be a multi-sig.

Interested to hear the communities thoughts on this.

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