Example for a full Dao smart contracts


I am mixing a NFT project with a DAO, I have an idea how to build a DAO from scratch, but I guess it will be nicer to compare with a DAO example you know is working totally fine,

Thanks for your help!
Elio Suárez

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There are quite a lot of resources online.

Personally I like the parking one the best. I would see how they do it, then go about implementing it yourself.

By the way, welcome to Open Zeppelin!

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@Yoshiko Hey, have you guys vetted these DAO repos? Is there a minimal variable version of DAO?

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I’ll look around for one. If anyone else has suggestions, please post them. My links just come from general basic building blocks to learn, specifically the parking one ha. I’m not sure if there is a “standard” that everyone should build off of?

I even searched through OZ forums.

From my searching it looks like the closest at some point was DAO - the standard framework. But the years are upon it.

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https://github.com/daostack gotta have something in there

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