Trying to Find a Smart Contract Suited for Voting and DAOs

Greetings to all,

So we wish to create a system where all private sports clubs in an organization will have their own respective DAOs and use their respective DAOs to vote on things (like where to hold events etc.)

We were planning on getting started with an easy to use smart contract template. I was wondering if you guys knew of a smart contract template that would be easy and efficient for this. Security or anything of the sort is not an issue for us, all we need is for it to be easy to use. Since we are just starting out we aren't exactly sure how we should proceed at this stage. We've been checking the templates here but don't really know which way we should go.

Also if anyone has any extra tips on how to go forward with this project please don't hesitate. Not only about smart contracts but about the project in general, maybe we should start with something else etc.

I'm trying to learn everything at once and its been rather overwhelming since we don't really have any guidance. Any kind of help will be greatly appreciated.