Is is possible to create a hierarchical DAO structure using OZ - i.e., having sub-DAOs?

I'm a dev deep into creating my first DAO (somewhat complex one). Looking around online for various tooling, I came back to just "rolling our own" using OZ: using a slightly modified OZ Governor contract, token contracts & using Defender for the Timelock. I love these tools you guys built!

But one thing we want is the ability to have is what my partners would call "sub-DAO"s that exist inside our DAO. One could also call them "teams" or even "projects" inside the DAO. But mainly what we want their treasury to be separated in some way & possibly segregated voting (only those in the sub-DAO can propose & vote). We will be onboarding a lot of small clubs & thought it would be easier if we were the "parent DAO", you know? I'm wondering if the tooling is there for us to do this? I'll be using Tally for the UX, but I haven't dove into that yet, so perhaps this can be handled in the UX in some fashion. Any one have thoughts on this? Are there some OZ contracts or modules for Governor that could help me bring that feature in? Or is this feature beyond where development for Governor is at the mo?

-- Thanks for your response,
Chris B

You could segregate voting groups via an NFT-based gating strategy. Every time you want to create a new group that can vote on things regarding that group's concerns, first deploy a dedicated ERC721 contract, next dish out the NFT tokens to sub-DAO participants, then your super-DAO contract which holds all the logic would require that the user prove ownership of an NFT in that ERC721 contract.

You could require the propose function to take in the ERC721 contract address and tokenId as parameters and then require than the msg.sender be the owner of that tokenId in that ERC721 contract to prove they are part of that sub-DAO group.

Just an idea.

That's a cool idea. I'm already implementing a 721 for access to the entire community, so this becomes a secondary, tertiary, etc. NFT key one has to have. It's a workable solution.
Still have the idea of a separated treasury to figure out if I go that way. There are solutions out there - Colony and a few others are hierarchical but don't easily handle a NFT-gated strategy if you also want token weighted (ERC20) voting working as well. hmmm... Thanks for the reply!