$500 (usdt) Free TON network DAO solidity smart contract development

Hi, I need solidity developer to build dao smartcontract from scratch or based on existing smartcontracts.

Type of smart contracts in network https://ton.live/contracts

Main page of network https://freeton.org/discover

Simple download of app in ton.surf

Any number of wallets to join

Fixed ownership % for users defined by DAO creator

SMV voting capability

Multi-sig to allow for changes in the future

Auto distribution of any incoming tokens

Auto report to all users

No need to close DAO, just form new DAO to be used for 1 or many projects


Group of 3 developers want to jointly perform a task for a client with certain payment terms. They decide on %, download app, fill questionnaire, sign and get an address to be provided to client. Once paid, amounts automatically are sent to their individual wallets. They can then create a new DAO to include another developer with new percentages for the next task.

Additional information in direct @alimovpavel in telegram