Sentinel - random in notification

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I am using following notification format:

{{ matchReasons.0.signature }}
{{ matchReasons.1.signature }}

Explorer Link

{{ }}

{{ matchReasonsFormatted }}

I defined condition to watch on execution of method with signature

closeSwaps(uint256[], uint256[])

I defined Telegram for sending notifications.

When this method is executed I have got more or less following notification message in Telegram:

failed to resolve {{ matchReasons.1.signature }}

Explorer Link<>

I manually changed <>. In this place is some real hash from mainnet, but this hash is not related with this method signature, not related with this particular smart contract which I am trying to monitor.

Signature in etherscan looks like this:

"Function: swap(uint256 amount0Out, uint256 amount1Out, address to, bytes data) ***"
MethodID: 0x022c0d9f

What is wrong?

Hi @Mariusz_Szpiler -

That hash should be generated from the transaction that triggered the Sentinel. One initial thought is that maybe there were internal transactions that involved the contract you are monitoring.

If this is not the case, it would be helpful to gather more information about this transaction. Please send us an email at with the URL of the page for this Sentinel as well as the full message you received (with tx hash included).


Dan McKeon

Thank you for response, I sent direct message to Defender Support as you suggested

(post deleted by author)

Thank you! This is the reason!