Unable to customize notification body fully

:computer: Environment
Contract Sentinel

I'm trying to use Contract Sentinel in order to create a Sentinel to track transactions, more specifically transfers for a particular wallet address.

Trying to use a wallet address in this example: 0x0548F59fEE79f8832C299e01dCA5c76F034F558e

I want to achieve the following:

  1. Be notified whenever that wallet address makes a transfer
  2. Customize the notification message to the following:

Defender Sentinel -wallet address name- Webhook Triggered

-wallet address name- has transferred -quantity of tokens- of -token name- ($ notional) to -receiving address-


Transaction Hash

Problem is that the template only includes a limited number of variables for me to customize the notification body to. And i cannot get the Details part of the above sample ideal notification body, that will be web hooked to Slack.

Screenshot of the Monitoring parameters

Can someone help to suggest what code i need to enter in to the editor for:
-wallet address name -
-quantity of tokens-
-token name- that is being transferred
-USD $ equivalent of the amount is being transferred
-wallet address that tokens are being transferred to-

:1234: Code to reproduce

Defender Sentinel {{ sentinel.name }} Triggered


{{ sentinel.network }}

Block Hash

{{ blockHash }}

Transaction Hash

https://etherscan.io/tx/{{ transaction.transactionHash }}

@nami do you have any idea?

Hi @lalacat

The variables you can access are defined in our documentation over here.
More specifically, this section might be more helpful, together with the EIP1474 spec.

I believe you could access the following as:

  • wallet address name (assuming you mean the contract you're monitoring, and there's only 1) -> {{matchedAddresses[0]}} or {{transaction.from}}
  • wallet address that tokens are being transferred to -> {{transaction.to}}

As for the following:

  • quantity of tokens: unless you want the {{value}} of the transaction (in ETH), I suggest you monitor for specific events or functions which include that number (e.g. Transfer).
  • token name that is being transferred: this information will not be accessible.
  • USD $ equivalent of the amount is being transferred: this information will not be accessible.

If you're interested in monitoring transactions from specific token contracts, you could setup sentinels for those separately and hardcode the name in the notification body. Note you can also monitor events and functions (e.g. safeTransferFrom). Unfortunately, there is no way to get the USD equivalent of the tokens.

Hope that helps!

Thank you so much @nami .

Lastly, for Transaction Properties, if I enter

value > 10000000000000000000000

Does this mean that the txn value is > USD$ 100k? or > 100k ETH equivalent?

This will be the networks’ native token. In case of Ethereum, this will be ETH.