Relay not working on Arbitrum

Hey team,

We are getting 502 errors from Defender Relay on Arbitrum when initiating a transaction to a smart contract.

Our relayers on other chains running the same code seem to be working fine.

Are there any on-going issues with Defender Relay on Arbitrum?

cc : @ericglau @slw.eth

Hey @ShreyKeny

Thanks for reporting. As I recently told you via Twitter, we identified an outage within our Infura providers and we were not categorizing their error message as a retryable error, thus, failing the JSON RPC calls done while relaying the transactions.

Currently, we've disabled our infura providers to avoid failing, and we're working on a fix. If your relayer got stuck because of this downtime, please let us know so we can look further into it.


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Hey @ernestognw, looks like our relayer got stuck due to the downtime.

Would really appreciate if you could look further into it. Let us know what info you need from us to debug this.

Much thanks!

Do you see if the transactions are going through now that it's fixed?

Can you send me your relayerId so I can take a look?

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Apologies, looks like the transactions started going through

The issue has resolved!

Once again, really appreciate the speedy help from you guys! :raised_hands:

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Always a pleasure :raised_hands:

Happy merge, sir!

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Thanks ser, to you too! :handshake::panda_face: