Sentinel not working on Arbitrum Goerli


I'm currently using Sentinel as a part of my app's stack. Namely, to trigger a webhook after a custom event is emitted in the blockchain. The event is similar to Transfer.

The Sentinel's ID is 0b66a7df-4c71-4852-8ac4-cbe6068c74be

I tried erasing it and recreating, still didn't work.
I tried checking that the URL behind the sentinel's webhook works and it does.
Sentinel simply does not send notifications upon event being emitted.
I've checked with Slack integration, and the same thing occurred.

:computer: Environment


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Hi @elias_taz

I cannot find a sentinel with Id 0b66a7df-4c71-4852-8ac4-cbe6068c74be, is this one removed?


Yes, I removed it and then created a new one. It seems to be working now, though I had to try 3 times to make it work again.

It appeared somehow the sentinel was not forwarding events correctly.

Thanks for your help,

Is there some kind of status website or way to ping a Sentinel to see if it is correctly listening to blockchain events?

I noticed that even though transactions were correctly executed on Arbitrum Goerli, my Sentinel was not forwarding the event to my webhook.


@elias_taz, yes you can test that a sentinel is picking up events correctly by going to the Edit Conditions page for your sentinel (via the settings icon), from there you will see a section on the right to test the sentinel.