Scheduled Dapp Interactions - time based first, anything else will follow

Hi everyone,

My best mate Hilmar and I have been working on what we call


since early Summer 19. We received a developer grant from Gnosis for a part of our project (to build an integration for the DutchX) and we are coding from Full Node in Berlin.

We showcased an early release of a part of our project (no full test coverage and potentially unsafe) in our recent Hackathon submission to the Kyber Network hackathon.

Check it out and give it a try here:

You will need:

  • Metamask on Ropsten

  • Some Ropsten ERC20s to trade

  • Create and authorize a smart contract account with us (you will be prompted on the website)

We should note that recently some tokens have been disabled on Kyber’s Ropsten contracts and thus some trades could not be executed depending on the token. We try our best to only show the healthy tokens in our frontend.

What can you do with it?:

Instead of selling all in one go, you can split your totalSellVolume up over up to 5 trades, and have each of them automatically executed at your specified scheduled times.

What’s so cool about this

  1. UX: you schedule your interactions with KyberNetwork (or any dapp really). This means you only need to be there to sign and send stuff once, and still are able to have multiple interactions with any entity on Ethereum in the future, with no further need to be online for when you want those interactions to take place.
  1. The specific use case for time-based trade split-scheduling: reduce slippage per token sold inherent in the low-liquidity on-chain crypto exchanges.

Give our hackathon submission a try and if you liked it please vote us up here :

What’s to come from us at Gelato
This hackathon submission is really only the beginning of what we have been building and what we will be releasing, hopefully at the end of this year still. We want to bring the following things to the world of Ethereum dapps, with a focus on Defi and the goals to 1) improve UX with automation, 2) create innovative things such as “smart wallets” that can do more for you than provide access to your parked funds. Here is a list of stuff we are building:

  • Automated dapp interactions (scheduled or conditional (IF THIS THEN THAT style)

  • Triggers and Actions - the idea is that any developer can build out triggers or actions that can be combined in interesting ways to create new trading mechanisms, tools or derivatives even.

Think of it as DAPP-INTERACTIONS-AS-A-SERVICE - with no trust needed on the user’s behalf (other than censorship). Users will get their dapp interactions executed only under the conditions that they pre-specified. This means that their crypto assets can only be moved around in quantities and to the dapps that they prespecified - this forms an action. Furthermore, such actions can only take place after certain triggers (conditions) have been met (pulled/fired).
Easy examples: limit orders, stop-loss orders, if bitcoin price moves up, buy ETH …


Hi @gitpusha,

Thanks for sharing. I have liked and voted for the hackathon.

I have put through a split schedule on desktop.
I still need to go back to mobile.

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Hi @gitpusha,

Great to see that the dapp works on mobile.

I used MetaMask mobile app on iOS.

First to get some test tokens using:

Then to schedule trades using the well timed dapp:

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Hi @abcoathup . Great to hear that you tried it out on mobile! When we hacked we didnt even cater to mobile. Awesome that you did it that way! I see you chose to split your order up over 4 trades in 1 minute. You could also do it like 4 trades over 4 days - so 1 trade per day. That’s what we’re getting at. But for playing around shorter time spans are nice to be able to observe your funds go in and out in intervals.

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Congratulations to @gitpusha and team for being a winner in the #KyberDeFi Hackathon with their dapp Well Timed.

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thank you very much!

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