Dev dapp and solidity

Well you'll provide tech guidance walkthrough

I'll send you contracts, hardhat config, deploy script, you review them and you provide me with any notices if any. If I'll get any error with the deployment of those contracts, you'll provide me the solutions to fix it.

  • Claimable airdrop
  • Referral
  • Airdrop token
  • Reward token
  • A stake pool
  • Configure above in the interface

once all are operators smoothly I'll submit them to the audit after I get a good score from the auditor we'll continue building the next stages. as you know that the audit is very important for any defi users.

I'll pay you on polygon and/or bsc, plus bounce as long as you provide me with tech guidance.

Please reply with your previous work, rate, and time frame

If you still looking for help, contact me @OCPRobocop

Thanks for the reply, do you mean telegram?