Building a team for a new token. Developers + biz people welcome

I’m building a new token. I’m a fullstack dev and we have a designer, but looking for someone with more solidity and BSC experience than I have. Also open to biz and marketing people to join the team.
It’s a platform for building automated trading bots and creating and managing funds. The organization will function like a prop trading firm. More details when we discuss.

Here’s a screenshot of the platform in current state.

Write me on TG if interested @parliamentDEV


Love to be part of the project, I am still early with solidity.
Let’s me know if you interested.

Yo, some experience with solidity here, the project looks interesting. What features should the token have and is there any other on-chain parts to the project?
You can dm me if you’re still looking :slight_smile:

Please write to me on Telegram @parliamentDEV. Mention this thread.

Write to me on Telegram. We’ll get on a call and I’ll explain everything and also give a demo of the platform above.

ping me on telegram @CryptoGeeks07

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Be careful with him. He wasted 2 weeks of my time and I ended up not getting my order. He blew my deadline before the start + 2bnb scammed…

Hey man you seem to know a lot about solidity. Mind chatting me on discord/telegram?