How to get Rinkeby Test Ether Without a Social Media Account

Hi, can also get 1 ether for rinkeby network? Here my address: 0xE7a9F8FF1fF543b1d97580a4190aB36c8ED93D6a

Sent you 1 ether on rinkeby

Could I also get 2 rinkeby ethers? My address is: 0xa5fd513575d07392f809a7D16DFb073C35bBC82E

I need one please someone should help me I am trying to get it is not working

Just 1 pls 0xe075ae1F7Fb1adCaA875E1ab9876e4BB612dEF3D

Does anyone think that @tarbusca should be the unofficial Rinkeby ETH person, for people who can't use the faucet (or if the faucet isn't working for some reason Rinkebi faucet doesn't work)? @tarbusca is very helpful.

Hi @Chiedozie_Dick, I couldn't send you a whole Ether because I don't have a lot of Rinkeby ETH myself, but I sent you 0.4 ETH. Hope that helps!:blush:

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Would love some rETH too thanks in advance


hey @alexwork can you send me some rinkeby ether. The faucet is not working .
here is my adress:


Hi sir, can you please send me 5 ether too


Thanks Flora, I have sent to many, I am too running low on my balance. I can still send some .1 to people.

Hi, Can someone send me 1 ETH on Rinkeby address? It's impossible to get any with or without social tweet... thank you in advance.


Hi, tarbusca!
I also need rinkeby test ether.
Could you send me 1 eth please?

Please send me 1 ether too please, I have an assignment due soon needing it!


Does anyone know why the Rinkeby faucet isn't working? Or has it fixed itself?

I'm trying to experiment and I'm stuck because the faucet is down. If any kind soul has some Rinkeby to spare, it would be greatly appreciated: 0x659f0F9Ee20a0B58Fa4C403395fC2D3Bb29C93fC

I'm in the same boat if you can please send some rinkeby test eth I would appreciate it!

Same situation, I need some eth on Rinkeby, please help: 0x879a27C8103DEAa677d031D31b36748dCc0885C6

Hi, can also get 1 ether for rinkeby network? Here my address:

Please send me 1 ether on rinkeby testnet plzzzz
Account address - 0x6E9a44B21B8581E2335eD0711F98aB70235A3F71