Removing Liquidity from Token

I have deployed a contract and added 8bnb in liquidity. One person was able to purchase before nothing could happen. I cant remove the liqudity.

I used a very similar contract to safemoon and believe its because I did not update the contract to the v2 rotuer.

Just need to know how I go about manually removing the liquidity

@Yoshiko I believe you have answered this but I am struggling to follow your instructions. If we could get into contact I’d be happy to compensate you for assistance provided successful.

Try to remove a little liquidity at a time.
You might be trying to remove too much at once.
V1 seems to be causing a lot of problems.

If you want to add me on discord you can, and I can try things with you first hand. Maybe we can finally figure out the real answer of how to remove BNB liquidity.

Lets discuss on discord. What is your username?


Just added you - i am Stapler.

@nutt We are having the same problem! hahaha
I put 1 BNB and now I can’t remove… it’s getting me crazy.

I solved their problem. It was maxTxAmount and SwapAndLiquifyEnabled variables.

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did you remove the liquidity?

In m case, I can’t. Tsushima tried to help me, but we can’t. :frowning: so I lose 1 BNB.

What did you change the maxTxAmount and swap and liquify enabled to?

set it to max, use the write function setPercent, set it to 100.

Set swap and liquifiy to false.

If you have trouble add me on discord. Sometimes it’s easier to walk you through how to do it than just post by post.

Where can I do false sir

It should be on your contract on BSCscan. Use the write function, set it to false.

Please check the forums for a solution to this issue thank you.