I may have screwed up my defender configuration, proposals stuck in queue

I set up a Gnosis safe and Function Timelock through the OZ Defender Admin. When trying to submit a proposal to alter the value of an Owner function on our BSC token, the proposal gets sent to the timelock and then never executes on the token. The timelock contract is set as the owner of our token. I think I may have not granted the gnosis safe the executor role and this may be causing the issue. In my attempt to add the gnosis safe as an executor, I sent a bad proposal through and now it wont clear from the queue. This makes it so I can't make any more proposals. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hi @AverageAlien, do you mind sharing sharing the proposal Id of the stuck proposal - you can get the proposal Id by opening your proposal and copying the string in the URL after "/proposals/"



Thank you for looking into it.

Thank you for sharing the proposal Id. I believe your transaction to grant a new role will fail as you previously renounced the admin role, only admins can grant new roles in a timelock controller.

To remove your stuck proposal you will need to reject it with 2 signers and execute the rejection.

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