Gnosis Safe transactions stuck

I created a multi-sig transaction a while back, and didn't approve it. Until recently, I was trying to send another multi-sig transaction, but after approving it, I got an error message saying 'This proposal cannot be executed right now because there are older pending transactions in the Gnosis Safe'.

Then I went back to approve the previous transaction, but it shows me the same error message again. It seems both of the transactions are complete stuck. Can some shed some light to tell me how I can go from here. Thanks!

For the record to the wider forum audience, we're investigating this issue in private with @Big_Daddy as it involves inspecting their proposal data. Once we find out what's going we'll post any generally useful insights here.

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I am facing the same issue and would appreciate your advice on how to unstuck the Gnosis safe.
Thank you.

Hi @denyo1986, happy to help where we can. Can you share your proposal id so we investigate the issue? (It's the last part of the URL when you navigate to the proposal, a uuid).

Hi Martin,

thanks a lot for getting back to me. I was able to solve it with the information from another thread in this forum. I had to go to Gnosis Safe website and deal with the stuck transaction there.

As an idea for improvement I would recommend to adjust the error message in the Defender UI to say something like "cannot execute this proposal because an older transaction needs approval first. Please visit and try to solve the issue there since we do not support this functionality yet".

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Glad you solved it, and agreed that needs some love. For now we'll enhance it to provide a direct link to the Gnosis Safe UI in this cases (we've been wanting to streamline resolution of this issue directly from Defender's UI but it will take us a little longer to get to that feature).

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Hi @MartinVerzilli ,

We have a similar problems, except Gnosis Safe has no transactions needing approval.

These 2 are stuck, because they failed during the gnosis process.

  • proposalId: fe433310-bfd5-4305-81f6-d9bfba37e77c
    • In the js console: Could not find transaction on safe transaction service
    • In bscscan: Failed with "Fail with error 'GS026'"
  • proposalId: 940f85b4-edfe-4dc6-9710-989d52516d15
    • In the js console: Could not find transaction on safe transaction service
    • In bscscan: Failed with "Fail with error 'GS026'"

I think because of that, this one (and 2 more) are now stuck. But yesterday Gnosis had downtime so maybe that also was a cause.

  • proposalId: 091604bc-b853-4f76-948a-f06fa2211773
    • Message: This proposal cannot be executed right now because there are older pending transactions in the Gnosis Safe

Hi @caspar, would you share the id's of the other stuck proposals so we can investigate and fix any issues with them?

As a side note, from what I'm seeing here the second proposal you mentioned (940f85b4-edfe-4dc6-9710-989d52516d15) is in Polygon, not BSC, is that correct? (here's the associated tx

@MartinVerzilli I'm also running into this issue with a Mumbai Safe. Proposal id: "5cb4d105-ec10-4707-bfa6-dc29e19afb6a" is stuck at the below.

I am the only approver on the multisig. I accepted the proposal, then rejected it thinking it would archive. I can't cancel the transaction on because they don't yet support Mumbai.

Hi @emergent1, thanks for reporting! We looked into your proposal and identified a bug. The expected behavior in your situation is for an orange "Confirm rejection" button to appear below the "Execute" one, which you could then click to have the underlying Gnosis Safe reject the proposal.

We're working on a fix for this and will release it as soon as we can.

The fix is now in live. When you navigate to your proposal, you should now see an "Execute rejection" button as in the image below.

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Im having similar issue and im getting "This proposal cannot be executed right now because there are older pending transactions in the Gnosis Safe."

i've tried and check theGnosis safe and unable to find the corresponding pending transaction.

I was wondering is there a way to stack up the proposal so that it can all be queue and ready to be executed.? and once the proposals are ready can it execute in any order or it has to be executed in the order of creation?

A similar issue here. I had a stuck transaction in my Gnosis Safe and then I removed that multisig account and created a new one. When I try to execute the new Admin Action, I get the "there are older pending transactions in the Gnosis Safe" message. And since I removed the old multisig wallet, there are no pending transactions on the dashboard.

Any help is appreciated.

Hi @vels, can you share some details so we can identify your proposals and look into what might be happening? Some details that could help us look into this (the more you can provide, the better):

  • Email address you use to log into Defender.
  • Address and network of the contract for which you're trying to create a new Admin action.
    -Proposal URL of a proposal where you're seeing this.

Thank you!

Thanks for the response!

It would be better if I could send my email details to your email and not publish them on the open forum.

As for the addresses:

My smart contract address is: 0x1f6bF4D5F066f1Fa27C5d27b29AD35be3185C63F
And my multi sig wallet is: 0xa0bA83545324203828922062A6610811C3252ac1
Network: Polygon

Proposal URL:

Thanks for the info @vels, we'll look into it. And sure, feel free to share your details to

(Anyway for now we'll make do with the Proposal URI :slight_smile: ).

Having a similar issue with a transaction that is stuck, but not showing up in the Gnosis list of pending transactions.

Link to proposal is:

Thanks in advance!