Problem removing liquidity from Pancakeswap (PancakeSwapLiquidityAssistant)


I'm experimenting with smart contracts and when i tried to remove the liquidity from Pancakeswap an error message kept showing up so i tried using the ForceRemoveLiquidity from PancakeSwapLiquidityAssistant (0xAD6729e939b253e3530d2902f930F1367A1a8fe6). I approved the transaction on my liquidity contract (0x65743BDeFaD046e643B3c3433caF2Ea8290d0D81) for all the LP tokens i had (0.01874) and then called the ForceRemoveLiquidity function from the assistant with the liquidity contract from above and the ammount of LP tokens in wei (18740000000000000). The tokens were sent from my wallet to the assistant contract but ( but i didn't receive back my liquidity (around 0.414 WBNB).

Did i do something wrong? Is there anyway i could recover my liquidity?