Problem, i lost my lp tokens

Hi, i tried launching a safemoon fork, just to make some experience and following the hype. After launching, saw everything good, decided to close the token, but when i split my lp, now i have the tokens but not my wbnb for liquidity. In the transaction i saw it went to another address. I remember it altready happened but i fixed with the help of a friend, but now i don't remember. Is there a way i can recover my funds? This is the transaction:
The last transaction says 1WBNB is sent to my wallet, but in reality it's not.

you can see token transfers for that account here:

Looks like the 1.01... wbnb was moved on the transaction after the one you indicated:

Yeah, it all happened when i removed liquidity, after the remove my bnb is not in my wallet anymore, but my tokens are