Help! I accidentally sent v2 some token which i meant to send to contract address to LP address

I accidently send some of huge amount of token to LP address and on poocoin i can see a full liquidity drop, and it was locked on dxsale. and i didnt receive any profit or sell coins. is there any way to restore that transection?

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Sorry to hear that, it seems like you send your token to LP contract directly, and I think this depends on the LP contract, maybe you can share the LP contract address and the transaction hash you send your token.

If it's a uniswapV2 pair contract it could be possible to recover the funds by calling skim() on that address, but after a swap() happens it might not be possible

Just like helio.rosa has said above.
And the transaction hash you shared is an action to remove liquidity. Binance Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | BscScan
It does not transfer.