Removing liquidity on broken SafeMoon fork

Hi, I'm opening this support ticket as I need help from someone better than me concerning BEP20 smart contracts and LP tokens.

A friend of mine deployed a BEP20 token right before the PCS migration, it was a safemoon fork that got broken a few days later due to the router address changing. As all "meme tokens" he renounced ownership and locked the liquidity.

As the migration happened the token obviously couldn't be traded anymore as there was no way in the SafeMoon code to change the router address, now that the liquidity is unlocked, I'm stuck with the v2 LP tokens since pcs frontend does not allow withdrawing (typical error). I checked this thread (PSA Regarding SafeMoon Forks on PancakeSwap - Transfers not working? Read This!) that details how to do it but I can't perform any steps as ownership is renounced. I've tried debugging the transactions using tenderly, making them manually directly on the PCS router contract but my knowledge about the whole PCS ecosystem is limited.

Does anyone know if there is any way to do something with these tokens ?

Thanks a lot

Have you tried contacting PCS support?

Try setting liquidityFeePrercent to zero.
It helped me to recover a 30 bnbs lately.

Yes, they’re basically useless

The ownership has been renounced, can’t do that