Please support with finding an answer

This question seems to be asked on many platforms but never been answered in details to the core of it.

My BEP20 smart contract is still in development however, my question is related to listing on pancakeswap.

I would appreciate if someone can clarify it for me as I have some mixed answers.

When listing new token and creating a pool on pancake swap, you need to supply it with equal amount of bnb (depending on the price you set), obviously you can’t supply all the tokens at once because you will need a fortune of bnb,

so you add a portion of the token and equal amount of bnb,

and everytime you need to add more tokens to the liquidity pool you will need equal amount of bnb,

so how would you keep funding the liquidity pool? Would you keep doing this until all liquidity is in the pool? If so, then you still need a fortune on bnb but paid in portions.

If you have a total supply of 500t tokens, how could you have enough bnb to supply that amount?

Suppose your token is being sold and traded well, does that help you in anyway to add more liquidity?

I’m sure there is a way becuse many other tokens traded in large quantities but I’m sure they can’t fund it all.

Also, if you want to redeem your funds from the liquidity pool and keep your tokens in the pool to continue being traded, Pancakeswap doesn’t allow you as you will have to remove liquidity in pairs, which means both your bnb liquidity and your token liquidity will be removed so the total liquidity you supplied will be removed, so how would others trade it then? Since not enough liquidity will be in the pool.

AND if you decide to keep it, then until when? You will be keeping a fortune of your own momey inside this pool indefinetly

I really really need answers to this and would appreciate any help that can be provided.


@Ghais Use a more descriptive title and ask more focused questions to have a better chance of being answered.